Heartfelt thanks to all who came to Powell's to welcome Crash Course, the first and only book about the 1978 Portland aviation disaster that both made history and changed history.

Julie Whipple to present Crash Course on April 29 at Mcmenamins' Kennedy School and August 27th at Edgefield. Check their web site for information, and we'll add details here as soon as it's live on the McMenamins' site.

1978 plane crash into Portland neighborhood killed 10, allowed a prisoner escape -- and haunted pilot

- The Oregonian (Oregon Live) December 27, 2018

Combining the "tension of a thriller, the drama of the courtroom trial, and the cool-eyed analysis of a procedural," Julie Whipple's debut book is equal parts harrowing and engaging.
— The Portland Review

In 1978, a Jetliner Crash-Landed on Burnside. In “Crash Course,” Journalist Julie Whipple Explores How the Accident Changed Aviation.

- Willamette Week

The deadly Portland plane crash that changed the airline industry.
KOIN TV, Portland Channel 6 in-depth feature on the crash of Flight 173
- November 15, 2018

KBOO News In Depth: Julie Whipple

Audio interview with Julie Whipple, hosted by Ken Jones. Air Date: Monday, July 30, 2018

NEWS: Crash Course is now available as an audiobook produced by Post-Hypnotic Press of greater Vancouver, British Columbia, and narrated by award-winning Heather Henderson. Watch the trailer, and find it on Audible!